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          Innovation of Technology for Hydroxytyrosol Production by Biological (Enzymatic) Process in Nanjing Shunxiang

          News Source:http://www.truebody-fitness.com/ ; SendDate:2019-10-10 14:49:32 
              Hydroxytyrosol is a natural polyphenolic compound, which mainly exists in olive fruits and branches in the form of esters. Hydroxytyrosol is widely used in health products and food additives, but its extremely high pharmacological effect has been less used. In recent years, scientists began to attach importance to the medicinal value of hydroxy tyrosol, and the development of its medicinal value as the future direction of hydroxy tyrosol research.
              Hydroxytyrosol is usually derived from olive oil and wastewater from olive oil processing, so it is also a way to extract hydroxy tyrosol. However, due to the limited number of olives and the low purity of hydroxy tyrosol extracted from olives, there are some impurities, so it is difficult to form large-scale production. Although chemical synthesis method has mature production technology and meets the needs of large-scale production, there are still some problems of low purity, uncontrollable trace impurities and isomers in the production of hydroxy tyrosol, which has certain risks in the application of medicine and food. Compared with plant extraction method and chemical synthesis method, enzymatic method has obvious advantages. Firstly, bio-enzymatic method is safe and environmentally friendly, which guarantees the production of high purity hydroxy tyrosol; secondly, the purity of hydroxy tyrosol produced by bio-enzymatic method is high, and it can be directly used as pharmaceutical and food raw materials; moreover, compared with chemical synthesis method and plant extraction method, the production of hydroxy tyrosol by bio-enzymatic method has obvious industrial cost advantages. It has good industrial application prospects.
              After years of development, Nanjing Shunxiang Medicine has been able to produce high purity and high quality hydroxy tyrosol by enzymatic method through continuous optimization of process technology and improvement of production equipment.
              For more information, please visit the website www.shunxiangchem.com. For further information, please contact Tel:025-86819868, E-mail:sales@jinchemical.com.
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