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          Adipic acid market continues weak trend

          News Source:http://www.truebody-fitness.com/ ; SendDate:2020-4-22 15:06:27 

          At present, the market for adipic acid is short on strength: on the supply side, most adipic acid plants are in normal operation, and there is no maintenance plan heard in a short term, the market is full of spot supply, and some factories have high inventory; on the demand side, the main downstream sole stock, slurry and PA66 prices of adipic acid have declined to varying degrees within a month, the domestic demand recovery is slow, and the epidemic situation continues abroad As a result, some countries have taken blocking measures, Limited exports, insufficient follow-up of terminal demand, low starting load of downstream factories, light overall demand, more adipic acid circulating among traders, and limited downstream procurement.

          In terms of raw materials, the pure benzene market has a weak recent shock, and now has some support for adipic acid. However, with the sharp decline of international crude oil, pure benzene is affected by the trend of crude oil and external market, it is expected that the future market will continue to fall more likely, and the adipic acid cost support is expected to weaken.

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