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          di-tert-butyl dicarbonate, BOC anhydride, Amino acid protecting agent, 2-methyl-3-biphenylmethanol, Trityl Chloride, Trifluoromethoxyl, Adamantane, Dissopropyl azodicarboxylate,Conduction Fiber,Anti-static fiber,JinXiang Chemical Factory,china.
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            Adamantane Series
            Trifluoromethoxyl-serial compounds
            Medicine Intermediates
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            nanometer material
            White chromatophilic electric conduction fiber
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            PRODUCT SHOW

          product name Di-tert-butyl-dicarbonate
          chinese name Di-tert-butyl-dicarbonate
          english name Di-tert-butyl-dicarbonate(DIBOC,BOC anhydride)
          Popular name Boc anhydride,Diboc
          CAS NO. 24424-99-5
          Molecular formula C10H18O5
          Molecular weight 218.25
          surface Transparent crystal
          melting point 22゛24≧
          specification 99% min.
          package 50kg iron drum

          Di-tert-butyl-dicarbonate USING:

          1、Di-tert-butyl-dicarbonate (DIBOC) is used  in the organic synthesis to introduce amino acid protection gene.                                  2、Because it must synthesize one kind of compound similar to the natural multi-peptide, also must connect each kind of optical rotation amino acid to certain length the peptide chain according to certain order, when needed to combine  one kind of amino acid the carboxyl group and another kind of amino acid amino, must prevent to combine identical kind of amino acid mutually, therefore, in synthesis , it must protect certain aminos or the carboxyl group,In order to react in the way which is required to carry on.            3、Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate is one well capable protecting agent for amino acid , utilized specially in the amino acid amino protection, widely applied in the medicine, the protein and the multi-peptide synthesis, biochemistry food, the cosmetics and many kinds of product synthesis.In. Compared with the traditional amino acid protecting agent like chloro-carbonic acid animal pen ester, the chloro-carbonic acid - P wu formic acid, it has the following merit:

          a、Competitive price 
          b、No intense irritant flavor, no harm to human body, but may cause skin allergy if contact the skin directly, and may strip with water. 
          c、Using this product to synthesize the multi-peptides, the remove condition of this protection gene is temperate, and it is easier to separate the responded product compared with using other types of amino acid protecting agent. 
          d、Has the ignitability, but does not belong to flammable explosive

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